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Mark Bateman


I have been flying model helicopters for 17 years, starting with a Raptor 30 V1 , I have build and flown many helicopters over the years and am currently flying a Trex 550 and 700.

I have been teaching full time for 12 years now, since 2008, yes that long, I love what I do and it shows in how I teach, please read the customer comments.

I was taught by Dave Fisher of Flyin Fish, who I then worked for in London, splitting my time beteweem London and Manchester initally for a few years, I now teach full time in Manchester, I have customers from all over the north and midlands.

I have built many models over the years some have gone to customers worldwide, I also carry out setup, crash and repair work. 

I have a good relationship with model shops, please see my links page

We teach and fly all year round.



Lessons are designed to be fun and informative, we teach from the 1st time novice pilot to the scale or sports pilot through to inverted flight, please see customer comments.

Location is at a field within easy access of the M60 and M6 motorway, there is adequate parking as well as tables and seating.

Some customers travel a distance and are welcome to relax and make a day of it.

Lessons can be arranged at your field if preferred.

Most customers now fly Li-po powered electric flybarless helicopters these days, there are some stunning machines on the market, I can advise you on which helicopter, transmitter and charger etc to purchase 



Well its 12 years of teaching, where has the time gone, thanks to all the customers and thanks for all the customer review 


I am flying a Trex 500 and 550 myself, I still think the 550 is the best heli.


Model Flight Training Equiptment

 aboutus3My teaching machine is the T-Rex 550 Dominator with Beast X plus flybarless controller on it.


Using the latest Spektrum DX8 G2 radio with a DX6 as a wireless buddy box.


Some customers use their helicopter for the lesson.




Build and Setup/Repair serviceBuild and Setup Service

Model Flight Training provide a full build and setup service, it can be in house, at the field or you can leave a model with us.

Whether you have recently crashed and need help, or just need some help building a new model or resolving problems with existing models, Mark can assist with all your needs.    

Don't fancy building your own model or don't have the time, we can do the full build, setup and test flight, just email for a quote and any model advice. 


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