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Q; What happens if the weather is bad ?

A; Rain stops flying but we are happy to teach in up to 40 mph winds. Check on the morning of the lesson, if cancelled we rebook asap.

Q; How much notice do you need for bookings ?

A; Sundays can be busy but week days less so, better to book in advance or the day before, I do get regular on the day bookings, better to phone.

Q; Can I use my electric helicopter

A; Yes as long as you have a compatible Spektrum, JR  or Futaba radio  and you have enough batteries, more customers are flying electric helicopters and a few customers use there helicopter for the lesson.

Q; I used Futaba radio, do you teach on that ?

A; Yes we have, JR, Futaba and Spektrum transmitters available.

Q; What it the schedule of a lesson ?

A; Your call, basically normally as much flying time as possible, but also some customers just want the time as setup time

Q; I have been told that I need a BMFA A certificate to join my local club, can I do this with you ?

A; Although not an examiner myself I can get you to that level of flying, go through pre flights checks and help with BMFA questions, I can also arrange for an examiner to do the test as I have done with several customers.

QI want to fly a scale helicopter, can you help me to do this ?

A; Yes, I have flown scale in the past, it is nice to see a scale helicopter flying.







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